Parent News 2016-2017

20. September 2016








12. May 2016

We are nearing the end of the school year this week as progress reports for Term 4 are are completed for all German 1-4 classes.  German Club final activity of the year will take place on June 9th during 10th period for German 2 and 3 students.   Ms. Marion Lemay, Executive Director of the German American Business Council (GABC) in Boston will speak to HHS students regarding the importance of knowing a foreign language in today’s global economy.  She will focus on the presence of many German companies in the Boston area and how students can use their German language skills in the future.

All classes, German 1-4, will be preparing for final exams beginning on June 14th and ending on June 17th.  Seniors are currently working on their final project which is due on Monday, May 23rd.

5. April 2016

I am updating German News on a not so spring day!  This must be mother nature’s Aprilscherz for us New Englanders.  On April 6th, grades close for the term.  German students have been busy working on some challenging topics in the classroom and having fun at the same time.  On March 30th, we accepted an invitation by UMASS Amherst German Professor Anca Luca Holden to tour the Amherst campus, attend German classes, and to enjoy both breakfast and lunch with faculty and students.  It safe to say, that we all enjoyed our experience there and that the presentations piqued interest in the college search for many of our students.  The UMASS offerings were presented, as well as courses available in the German department, so students could potentially define how German is useful in a variety of careers.  STEM was also a topic the UMASS Professors are interested in combining with German.  Here are a few photos from our day:

Was gibt’s neues im Klassenzimmer? (What is happening in our classes?)

German 1 classes are currently finishing up  the German school system and are learning about question words in the accusative case (wer vs. wen).

German 2 classes are completing chapter 8 and will be learning about German teenagers free time activities, seperable prefix verbs, and command forms of verbs.

German 3 is beginning word order with accusative and dative cases and will be learning about vacation/camping spots in Germany.

German 4 will be winding down the first part of term 4 with question words in all cases and adjective endings.  They will also be given their final exam project:  Mein Leben und Erfahrungen.  This is a scrapbook of their life and experiences and they will be prompted to use various grammar points at different stages of the project.  Their entire project will be in response to prompts assigned.  Graduation is almost here!!!

3. March 2016

Parent Letter February 2016

It is difficult to believe that the month of February has come and gone and that we are currently at the half way point for term 3!  Progress reports will be issued on Friday, March 4th and you will be able to track your German student’s progress for the term. Our February German Club activity on February 4th was making German pancakes after school in room 222!  Students also received the recipe the next day in class.

German Club is in the process of planning a field trip to UMASS Amherst to participate in German and Scandinavian day on March 30th.  Students will receive breakfast and lunch, a tour of the campus, and presentations provided by faculty and students from both the German and Scandinavian Departments.  If your student is interested, he/she should sign up using the google form on their google classroom site.  The bus will be leaving at 6:30 a.m. and will return to HHS at approximately 3:30 p.m.

Was gibt’s neues im Klassenzimmer? (What is happening in our classes?)

German 1 classes are currently learning about the German school system in chapter 4 and are learning about the accusative case.

German 2 classes are beginning chapter 8/Lektion B and will be learning about the parts of the house and the accusative case.

German 3 is focusing on reflexive verbs in the accusative and dative cases and traveling throughout Germany.

German 4 is learning about demonstrative pronouns and food shopping.

Both German 3 and 4 also be analyzing a song, a short film, and a commercial as a group.


31. January 2016

Parent letter January 2016

After returning from Christmas break, students began reviewing and preparing for midterm exams.  As of January 27th, term 3 work has begun.

German Club will be enjoying an afternoon of German pancakes on Thursday, February 4th after school in room 222.  Club officers are currently planning some events for the spring!

Was gibt’s neues im Klassenzimmer? (What is happening in our classes?)

German 1 Classes are currently completing Chapter 3 in their Deutsch Aktuell books. Their current topic is telling time and making sentences more interesting by switching word order.

German 2 Classes are working on Chapter 8, Section A and are studying possessive adjectives and German special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc).

German 3 Honors These students are working on Kapitel 1/Lektion B and are learning about how to manage in an airport.  They are learning how to express their preference for something.  German 3 worked on a short detective story with German 4 and solved a mystery together.

German 4 Honors had been working on Chapter 5 and are studying additional “der”words.  Vocabulary includes the words to describe a table setting and reading a menu.  German 4 worked on a short detective story with German 3 and solved a mystery together.

13. December 2015

Parent Letter December 2015

Liebe Eltern!

The months of November and December have been extremely busy here at Haverhill High School for your German students. On November 12, the Consul General visited us for a private lunch/discussion on a variety of topics affecting German-US Relations. Lunch was followed by a presentation in the library regarding the immigration of Syrian refugees into Germany, the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, and the role of German companies here in the United States. Both International Relations and German students were invited to attend and it was impressive for us to hear the views of a serving diplomat. Attached here is a link to the Eagle Tribune article on Dr. Horlemann’s visit, including a few photos.

Auf nach Karlsruhe! Off to Karlsruhe! Our GAPP Program is 20 in 2016!

Planning for the German Exchange (GAPP) is also in full swing as 18 students prepare personal profiles to send to Germany to be matched with a partner from Gymnasium Neureut, a college preparatory school in Karlsruhe, Germany. Students are also preparing grant applications to receive financial assistance with their travels, filing passport applications, and completing forms. The full cost of the program is $1,650 and students will travel from June 15 – July 2, 2016.

Deutschklub – German Club

Both German Club and the German Exchange group held a bake sale on the first Parent – Teacher Conference evening of the year and raised funds hoping to defray the cost of travel. German Club and all German classes, along with Spanish Club, are currently sponsoring a family in need from the Emmaus House in Haverhill. Students donated a suggested amount of $2.00 each, to assist in purchasing items on our family’s wish list. Items will be delivered to families on Friday, December 18th. The family information is provided if you would like to donate: German Club is responsible for providing for the 3-year-old boy. Toys for him are still welcome! Please assist us in making a great Christmas for this family!

On Wednesday, December 16th, the Deutschklub Weihnachtsfeier (German Club Christmas Party) will take place in room 222! Students have been asked to bake a German baked good from a website provided in class and we will also listen to Weihnachtslieder (Christmas carols)!

Was gibt’s neues im Klassenzimmer? (What is happening in our classes?)

German 1 Classes are currently completing Chapter 2 in their Deutsch Aktuell books. Topics they have been working on are the family, numbers up through 100, telling basic time on analog and digital clocks. Students also completed a booklet about their families which counted as one test grade.

German 2 Classes are just completing Chapter 7, Section A and are studying clothing and stem vowel changing verbs. They also completed a project on clothing and seasons which will be counted as a test grade.

German 3 Honors just completed a long unit on the conversational past with irregular verbs. They have now moved on to their second book and are learning about travel vocabulary, how to check in at an airport, how to purchase a train ticket,. Grammar includes comparitives and superlatives. They will also be reading the poem Die Lorelei before Christmas break.

German 4 Honors had been working on Chapter 5 and are studying the genitive case. Their vocabulary and culture topic includes reading menus in German and ordering at restaurants. German 4 students are also reading chapter 2 of Emil und die Detektive.

Kulturecke – Culture Corner

All levels have been learning about the holidays and new year celebrations in Germany speaking countries. We have been following the AATG Advent Calender which unveils a new fact about the holidays in Germany daily along with some recipes to try at home.

Finally, I would like to take the time to wish you and your families a very happy and healthy holiday season from both my family and me. Enjoy your time together and I am excited to continue working with you in 2016!

Dresdner Striezelmarkt

Frohe Weihnachten und ich wünsche Ihnen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!


6. November 2015

Just a quick reminder that the German Exchange Meeting has been moved from November 12, 2015 to November 17, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. in room 222.

Parent Letter – November 1, 2015


Liebe Eltern!

This is the first of monthly updates regarding your child’s German Class. My goal is to improve communication with parents beyond quarterly parent – teacher conferences and give you insight to what your student is actually working on throughout the academic year.

As many of you may know, the planning of our German Exchange Program is well under way for our travel from June 15 – July 2, 2016.  The reciprocal visit from our German partners will be in October 2016.  Our program runs under the auspices of the German American Partnership Program which is supported both by the American and German governments.  Here is the link if you are interested in learning more!

GAPP Website

German 1 Honors and CP

Both classes are working on building a firm foundation for the skills needed this year, at 2 different paces.  The Honors class has also welcomed a group of 8th graders from various middle schools throughout the city. Students have worked on learning basic phrases such as:  What is your name, My name is…, How old are you?  I am ….years old, Where do you come from? I come from Haverhill.  Do you live far from here?  I live right around the corner./ I live far from here. Do you know….?  I know….  Your student can count to 20 in German and recite the German alphabet.  Students have also learned the difference between the 3 forms of “you” in German.  Your child has also learned various greetings, farewells, and learned that greetings can vary between the German speaking countries of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.  Focus has been on speaking, reading, writing, and cultural nuances.

German 2 Honors and CP

German 2 classes have been working on how to form sentences with modal auxiliary verbs (there are 7).  They have also learned how to form the future tense.  The theme of our chapter is food in Germany and we have been talking about the different types of food served in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

German 3 Honors and German 4 Honors

German 3 and 4 have been combined together during one class period and it is a challenge to split class time between both levels.  We are on a 7 day schedule:  odds for German 3 and even days for German 4.  On the seventh day, both classes watch the Telenovella “Jojo” together and work on vocabulary building.

German 3 is working on creating weak and strong verbs in the conversational past and writing in the conversational past (present perfect).  We will also begin work on the poem “die Lorelei”.  Our vocabulary theme is modes of transportation in Germany, and in particular by train.

German 4 Honors is currently working on the imperfect form of modal verbs and creating gerunds in German.  The vocabulary theme of their chapter is “On the farm” and household chores/obligations.  The seniors are also reading the book “Emil und die Detektive” by Erich Kästner. They are focusing on vocabulary and they will be retelling the story in some writing assignments.